There are plenty of people working out every day at the Mt. Brook YMCA.

But there's only one who's also a World Champion Grand Masters Amateur and North American Grand Masters Pro Champion Bodybuilder.

"He's really strict and he's quite a task master," said Mike Wilty, a client of personal trainer Scott Hults.

"When I turned 60, my wife Vivian said to me one day, ‘Scott, you look pretty good, you ever thought about competing?,’" said Hults.

He is 65 this year, so the former Naval officer goes by the nickname "Old Navy."

He started getting in shape at age 50, when he developed symptoms of Type I diabetes, which killed his father and grandfather.

"And what's interesting at 65 years old, what's more important is I still have been able to stave off the onset of diabetes; I have the symptoms, but I don't have the disease, and that's what's really important," he added.

"Old Navy" says he teaches his personal training clients: the secret to good health is not about working out all the time. "I listen to their goals, and then I say, ‘Okay, we can achieve these goals, but 80 percent of what you want to accomplish, you can accomplish with a knife and fork.’"

He believes in eating smaller but more frequent meals, not skipping breakfast, and having a controlled dinner of lean meat and green vegetables.

"If you don't eat breakfast, you'll gain weight; and if you eat the wrong thing at dinner, you'll gain weight." he said. "that’s because you're not doing anything active so whatever you put into your system, in your last meal, you're not processing it, and the body likes to protect itself and save the things it doesn't need and it saves it as fat. If you want to have a canole, or you want to have a cupcake or you want to have a piece of pie, have it at lunchtime, cause by the end of the day it'll be gone."

He also recommends drinking lots of water, for health as well as cosmetic reasons.

"If you don't drink enough water, then your body holds onto the water, and you look puffy. If you drink a lot of water, and the body processes that water, then you look lean."

Now, other weight lifters say he’s inspiring them to better habits, too.

"I think he's pretty good, probably better shape than what I am; I’ve still got a good ways to get where he's at," said YMCA member Nathan Elmore. Mike Wilty added, "He gives me something to really look up to and look forward to in pursuing my own goals."

You can view the video version of this story at by clicking here: "Bodybuilding Senior".

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