Friends of "Old Navy"

Dave Gallahan Jr.

Old Navy's First Training Partner

2006 NPC Atlantic USA Bodybuilding Championships Contest Photos by

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Chrissy Hults

22, College Student, Old Navy's Daughter

Chrissy, my oldest daughter, is a big supporter of her dad. She always calls me before a competition to wish me luck and always wants to know how I placed after a show. Chrissy, a senior, is studying Art at Auburn University. I'm proud to call her my Friend. I love you, Baby. My younger daughter, Danielle, 21, attends Long Beach State University in California. She is sending me a few photos that I will add here soon.

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Mindy Blackstien

Canada, Co-President of FAME

Mindy Blackstien is friends with bodybuilders, fitness models, figure competitors and everyone who comes to her because they Got Body? Get FAME! She and her husband, Jeff Kippel, run the World Natural Sports Organization and FAME World Tour. I asked Mindy to list her achievements and interests. Here is what she had to say:

Interests: Achievements:

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Dr. Charles Allen, USMC (Ret.)

The illusion of good health almost cost me my life.
By Dr. Charles Allen, USMC (Ret.)

At 58 years old, 168 pounds and 5’4” tall I felt great. I was a vegetarian, jogged on week-ends and never called in sick.

The illusion that I was in good health came to an end September of 2005 when I suffered a heart attack while jogging.

In reality I did not have a healthy diet as I would on many occasions eat the foods that I know I should not have. The jogging was not consistent. I jogged when ever I could.

On this day, it all came to a head when I found myself being rushed to the hospital for triple bypass surgery.

There I was. A retired Marine with over 20 yeas of active duty service thinking I was in the best of health. I neglected to follow-up on annual physical exams, blood pressure checks and other much needed health exams. I felt those things were not for me and besides I was too busy. Well, I’m not too busy now.

As I lay there in the recovery ward with the other patients that had similar operations I cried from want of compassion and hope. I did not want to be here.

I wanted to get better. I wanted to get better now.

When the nurses told me it was safe to get out of bed I got out of bed. I astounded my doctors at how fast I started to recover. It was less than two weeks after surgery when I was allowed to go home.

I did everything my doctors told me to do from my diet right on through to any and all medical exams and appointments. I was never too busy. In four weeks after surgery I was back at work. I had lost 30 pounds. I got a membership at World Gym.

I started lifting weights to help get my strength back. One day a member at the gym noticed what he called “bumps” on my legs, abdomen and arms. He was kidding, of course, but what he was referring to were my new found muscles. I was 61 years old.

The encouragement from members of the gym, the owner and members of my family gave me the confidence I needed to want to stay with the gym and continue the workouts. I was never too busy. There always seemed to be time to take care of myself.

On 5 March 2011, at the age of 64 I participated in the NGA 5th Annual NGA Natural Muscle Figure Bikini Male Model Showdown and won 1st Place Grand Masters as well as 2nd Place in the Light Weight category.

It’s never too late to begin taking care of your self. Just don’t let the illusion of good health blind you from the truth. Take care of yourself.  Return to Top

John Rossman


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Michael Jackson

49, Martial Arts Student, Birmingham, Alabama

Michael is my training partner. This 6' 6" tall, 258 pounds martial arts student is a hard worker. We push each other to lift heavier and do more during our workouts. I enjoy being on the gym floor with this fine athlete. Michael passed his test for Senior Blue Belt in January 2008.

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Tommy Hawk

Augusta, Georgia, won his Pro Card at the INBF GABB Championships in Augusta on October 21, 2006.

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Sean "Sully" Sullivan

Old Navy's Coach

Sean "Sully" Sullivan, has won more than 60 bodybuilding titles since 1993. Here are a few from the last two years: 2005 OCB Yorton Cup Masters and Light Weight Champion 2006 USBF Nationals Masters and Class champion 2006 NBI Pro USA 2nd Place 2006 USBF Pro/Am 3rd Place

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Russ Testo

Physique Artist

Russ is my Posing Coach and Friend. Because of his excellent choreography and one-on-one coaching instruction, I have won three Best Poser trophies. Thank you, Russ.

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Nicole Weeks

33, Pro Figure Champion, Co-owner of T-Wild Fitness, Figure Coaching and Online Training, Orlando, Florida

Nicole is a true sports woman. She is passionate about and is engaged in all aspects of physical fitness. And, she is a good friend. We have judged and guest posed at several bodybuilding and figure shows together.

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Brian Cressman, M.D.

Walker Wellness Center Jasper, Alabama

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Shannon Lucier

25, Canada, International Events Operations, Figure Competitor

Anyone who has competed in a major FAME event in the past few years knows Shannon Lucier. She is the back stage "donna" who keeps things moving, help athletes know where they are supposed to be and even helps with costume adjustments and oil touchups. She does this with a touch of humor and lots of patience. You gotta love this lady.

Shannon is the Manager of International Event Operations for the WNSO and for the FAME World Tour. She is also the Athlete Liaison with the WNSO and FAME World tour. Shannon is a Certified Personal Trainer and show promoter. Her next event is the 2008 FAME CAN/AM Championships in September.

Competition History: 2004 OPA Figure

2006 - Total Gym Makeover - FAME Experience in FAME Magazine

Goals: "I am currently training to get into competition shape so I can feel more confident when I am backstage running shows for FAME. I am leaning out and gaining muscle mass so I can represent WNSO and FAME on a higher level! I also dabble in photography and have launched my own website I would like to meet many positive, enthusiastic people who share my interest in Competing."

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Mike "Iron Mike" Williams

58, Retired USMC Colonel, serving as a Civilian in Baghdad, Iraq

Mike enlisted in the Army as an infantryman. After a time, he was assigned to flight school and earned his "Wings" as a Warrant Officer Cobra Helo pilot in Vietnam. After finishing his tour in the Army, Iron Mike continued his military career as a US Marine Corps Officer and retired in 2001 at the rank of Colonel (same rank as Old Navy-Captain). Now, this Warrior is serving his country as a Strategic Planner for the Multi-National Security Transition Command in Iraq.

Mike is training in Baghdad to compete in his first bodybuilding competition as a Grand Master and Novice next year when he returns to the US. He has a great gym to use in the Compound, but we are being very creative with his diet. Iron Mike, nearly six feet tall, will compete at around 180 pounds as a natural athlete.

Mike "Iron Mike" Williams - Team Old Navy

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Dana Bennett

27, Figure Pro, Prattville, Alabama

Dana is an awesome Figure competitor. In her first contest, the 2007 SNBF Capital Classic in Montgomery, Alabama, she stole the show, placing first in her class and winning the Overall and her Pro Card. Sweet. Dana is training with me for the 2008 NGA Magic City Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Pelham, Alabama on May 24th.

Dana Bennett - Team Old Navy

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Arnie "Tokyo" Rosenthal

Musician, Good Friend

Arnie is another 50+ "athlete" who is working a new career. He is touring around the world with his music and has released his first album. I have known this fine man for more than 20 years.

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Tommy Jeffers, aka "Sporto"

Pro Bodybuilder

Tommy Jeffers is a Pro. He knows his way around the gym, he knows how to prepare for a contest, and he is always willing to help others who seek his advice. Those who follow Tommy's advice benefit. Those who don't, are missing the boat. Congratulations on winning your Pro card this year, Warrior.

2007 OCB Midwest States Overall Champion - Won his IFPA Pro Card

Mr. Natural Indiana

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Wes Douglas

29, Endurance Athlete, Category 3 (soon to be Cat 4) Cyclist, Birmingham, AL

In the short time Wes has been racing, he has taken the local circuit by storm. From a second place finish in a Category 5 race in May, 2007, he came in 18th in his first Category 4 race in September. Wes was recruited to join the Tria Market Team, one of the top teams in the area. 2008 will be a big year for this Racing Warrior.

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Marla Arndt

46, Personal Trainer, FAME Master Pro Fitness Model, Guelph, Ontario

Marla owns her own studio, Frameworks Fitness in Guelph, Ontario. She has been married 24 years and is the mother of three teenage boys.

She placed First in the Masters Fitness Model Class in her first contest, the Ian Walling Classic in March, 2007. She also placed 4th in her class in the FAME Nationals in Toronto in June.

Marla planed to continue her journey in fitness model competitions and competed in her first FAME Master Pro show in Miami on November 4th. Her future plans call for her to train other women her age to compete at the masters level. She is a goal oriented person and loves the feeling of setting a goal, working towards it and accomplishing what she set out to do. For example, Marla wanted one day to run a first she couldn't even run a mile....with training....she increased her mileage and ran her first marathon in 2000! Marla Amdt is a FAME Master Pro and she is a Warrior.

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Ming-leung Szeto

58, Doctor and Marathoner, Hong Kong, China

Dr. Meng Szeto is the member of Team Old Navy who lives the farthest from his Distance Personal Trainer. My friend lives with his wife in Hong Kong, where he is a physician. Ming-leung has been bodybuilding for a few years and is an accomplished marathon runner. His goal is to look better and to be healthy.

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Jill Theobald

42, Tech Sepecialist, Bodybuilding Champion

Jill is a Lady Warrior. Working in the volatile Tech Industry while training for bodybuilding competitions would challenge the best of us. This lady has done well in both endeavors.

Jill's goals are to maintain a leaner frame off-season and then go after some national shows in the summer of 2008. Her target shows are the NPC Jr. Nationals, NPC USAs and possibly the NPC Masters Nationals. Beyond that, she wants to expand her training and recovery approach to support and help minimize the various aches and pains she has as well as continually improve her conditioning on-season and off. Great goals, Jill.

She also new to the Bay Area and wants to work on maintaining a balance in her life between work, training and enjoying her free time experiencing all the amazing sites and people in California.

Jill's Competition Record

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Dave Weinstock

55, Insurance General Agent, Open and Master Class Bodybuilder, Florida

Dave played minor league hockey as a young man. He played college football and holds a B.Sc. degree in Human Kinetics and a B.Ed and a M.Ed. degree. He began competing in his 20's until he encountered the bodybuilding drug culture and was turned off on the sport. In the 90's, Dave resumed competing in the A.N.B.C., winning several titles, including the 1996 Florida Masters Championship. In August of 2000, our Warrior had a total right hip replacement. He came back in 2002 and won the NPC Master's Space Coast and the FAME WNSO Grand Masters. In 2003 and 2004, Dave continued his winning ways with victories in the Space Coast and NPC Southern States. In 2005 and 2006, he posted victories in NPC and WNSO events. 2007 has been a little tough for this Champion. He tore his right tricep tendon and is currently in rehab. Dave has pledged to come back strong in 2008.

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LCDR (Sel) Pat Sollitto

United States Navy, Operations Officer USS Cleveland (LPD-7)

Pat Sollitto is a Warrior in the true sense of the word.

She is the Operations Officer on board the USS Cleveland (LPH-7), an Amphibious Forces ship home ported in San Diego, California. She was recently selected for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Lieutenant Commander (Select) Sollitto is training to enter her first bodybuilding competition later this year.

Welcome to Team Old Navy, Pat.

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Eric Brugh

43, Senior Electrical Engineer, Champion Bodybuilder, Nutritionist

Eric Brugh is a large man. He is also a gentleman of the Sport of Bodybuilding. Eric lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife and two children. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and is studying for his Masters Degree.

He is a student of the Sport he has embraced for more than 15 years. As a Nutritionist, Eric knows how to prepare for a contest and has shared his knowledge with countless competitors who have gone one to win championships. I consider Eric a good Friend of Old Navy.


2007 NABBA Masters National Champion 2007 NABBA Open Overall National Champion

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Keith Grieser

Masters Champion

Keith is a 48 year-old Champion Master Bodybuilder. The Elementary School Guidance Counselor attended the University of Pittsburgh on a football scholarship and graduated with a Master’s in Educational Psychology in 1984.

His hobbies include coaching football, working with handicapped children in a Special Populations Recreation Program, reading, swimming in his pool with the kids, landscaping----"I LOVE to work in the yard."

Keith says bodybuilding is not a hobby...its more like a passion! Some Passion!

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Neal Grossman

Gentleman and Champion

Neal is one of the sport's outstanding athletes. He regularly wins both Open Bantam Weight and Men's Masters titles. He is an NGA and USBF Pro. These shots of Neal are from the 2006 USBF ProAm in Baltimore.

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Laura J. Tourtellot

MS - Contest Promoter, Athlete & Specialized Personal Trainer

Laura, known as "Turtle" was a fellow judge at the 2007 OCB Spirit of America Bodybuilding and Figure Championship on April 21 in Culver, Massachusetts. She is a long-time show promoter for the NGA and promoted her 13th Annual NGA Granite State Open Bodybuilding and Figure Championship on October 27th in Dover, New Hampshire. She is one neat Lady.

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Bruce Ovitt

Bruce and his wife Eva vacationing in Hawaii.

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Will Lantrip

Personal Trainer

Will competed in the NPC for 16 years and still Judges for that Federation. He was my first Personal Trainer and took this Novice to his first "natural" win at the 2005 SNBF Georgia Open.

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Céline Brathwaite

26, Fitness Model, Toronto, Canada

Céline is an outstanding athlete. She is 5' 6" tall and competes in the Fitness Model Tall Class. She placed 2nd in her class at the 2006 FAME Mayhem in Hamilton, Ontario. Go, Lady!

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Maurice Vaillancourt

28, Marketing Advisor WNSO Canadian Pro Bodybuilder

I met Maurice at the 2006 FAME World Championships in Toronto. He competed in the Pro event. Maurice and I spent a lot of time backstage just talking about our sport. He is as passionate about bodybuilding as I am. He has competed in over 10 events. Good luck in 2008, Warrior.

Partial Contest Record:

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Ilesha "CoCo" Graham

Vice Principal, College Instructor, Figure Competitor

Ilesha "CoCo" Graham is an educator, public speaker and consultant. Her "main" profession is as a public school Vice Principal in Sacramento, CA. She also "moonlights" as a faculty member for the University of Phoenix and conducts workshops and keynote speeches on such subjects as: diversity, educational equity, strategies for success, personal empowerment and leadership. She and her husband are also involved in outreach ministry.

Most recently, CoCo has developed a passion for weight training and figure competitions. In her first competition in March 2007, she placed 3rd in the Figure Tall Class (NPC Fresno Classic Championship). She competed in several more shows during the 2007 season such as, California Natural Muscle (WNBF), Grand Prix of Natural Bodybuilding Champions (ABA), and Flex Wheeler Classic (NPC).

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Captain Dana Fitzpatrick

Kentucky National Guard

Dana, known on the board as NAV, is a Warrior in the true sense of the word. A superb athlete and U.S. Navy Academy Graduate, NAV flies combat helos for the U.S. Army.

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Teresa Hunt

43, Police Officer, Swat Team Member, 
Personal Trainer, Champion

Teresa works as a police officer for the Hamilton County Park District in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is also a member of the Hamilton County Police Association SWAT team. Teresa personal trains part time with an emphasis on contest preparation. She is an outstanding Competitor and Champion.

Contest Record:

Oct. 2006 NPC Monster Mash - First Place
Apr. 2006 NPC Cincinnati Bodybuilding Championship - First Place
Apr. 2006 NPC Ohio Natural Northern - First Place
Sep. 2005 NPC Mid-Atlantic GP - First Place
Sep. 2005 NPC Ohio State Championship - Second Place
Sep. 2004 NPC Ohio State Championship - Second Place
Apr. 2004 NPC Cincinnati Bodybuilding Championship - First Place
Mar. 2004 NPC Northern Kentucky BB Championship - Third Place
Oct. 2003 NPC Monster Mash - Second Place
Apr. 2003 NPC Cincinnati Bodybuilding Championship - Third Place
Mar. 2003 NPC Northern Kentucky BB Championship - Third Place

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Paul Redmer

Masters Champion, Gym Owner

Paul and I traveled together to Toronto in 2005 to compete in the FAME WNSO World Bodybuilding Championship. He is an outstanding athlete, who has competed for more than 20 years and has won several titles in his more than 60 events, including: 

1997 - ANBC Tampa Bay Natural - Master's Champion
1997 - AAU Southern America - Overall Champion
1997 - AAU Mr. America - 3rd Lightweight Division
1997 - Competed in the Mr. Universe in Taranto, Italy
1999 - NPC Atlantic USA - 1st Middleweight Division
2002 - SNBF Atlanta Championships - Overall and Master's Champion
2002,2004 - SNBF National Master's Champion
2002 - SNBF Male Athlete of the Year
2004 - SNBF Gulf Coast - Master's Champion
2005 - SNBF Capital Classic - Master's Champion
2005 - Georgia NPC Championship - 2nd Master's Middleweight
2005 - NGA Mt. Rogers Championship - Open and Master's Lightweight Champion
2005 - NPC Palmetto Cup - Master's Champion

Paul's Grand Opening party for his new Gym is scheduled for Monday evening, January 8, 2007. The next time you are in Atlanta, drop in and tell Paul, "Old Navy sent me."

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Will Usher

Six-Time Professional - Contest Promoter

Will Usher is an extraordinary bodybuilder. He is also a gentleman. He promotes the KashWil.e (pronounced Casually) International Bodybulding and Figure event in Kingston, Jamaica. 
The annual show is a smashing success.

I don't know of any athlete who holds as many Pro Cards as does my friend, Will.

NDB Pro 
Muscle Mania Pro 
NGA Pro 

"Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week" Will Usher

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John McSpadden

Marietta, Georgia

John competed in a few bodybuilding contests in the early 80's. He never placed higher than 4th. As he reaches his 50th year, John has decided to enter the fray again, this time as a Natural Athlete, and competed in his first Masters Competition in 2007. He is a member of Team Old Navy.

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Greg Tarczynski

Professional Photographer, Sailor, Marathoner

Greg sailing with his family during Fleet Week 2006 in San Francisco Bay. (Photo by Joe Naughten) 

California based photo journalist Greg Tarczynski specializes in social, spiritual, and lifestyle photography. Greg recently completed documentary photo assignments in Vatican City, Guatemala, Jordan and Mexico. He regularly sails with his wife and children on San Francisco Bay and is training for the Death Valley Trail Marathon. 

"Training with Scott has been one of the most positive experiences of my life," says Greg, "Lifting weights helps improve my performance both on the job and in my recreational activities. But it's more than just the weight training. Scott has shown me how to integrate the training as a part of an entire lifestyle of living, thinking, and eating in a healthy manner. Since my photo assignments often require a high level of activity, training has become a way to fully support and utilize my God given talent of communication via photography." 

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Jeff Hall - Retired U.S. Navy Warrant Officer


Jeff and his beautiful wife, June, on a motorcycle ride in Colorado.
Jeff lives in Florida and is a member of Team Old Navy.
Dawn Melanie Clay, 34 - CPA, Personal Trainer, Pro Figure Competitor, Living With MS

1 1 1
This beautiful lady is a champion. Not only is she a successful Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Personal Trainer, Dawn is a Professional Figure Competitor who is battling Multiple Sclerosis. Go On, Dawn!

Competition History

National Physique Committee (NPC) Figure Competitor
* 2006 USA Championships, Figure Class D - 6th Place
7/29/2006, Las Vegas, NM 

* 2006 West Texas, Figure, Short Class ? 1st Place, Overall Winner 
4/08/2006, Lubbock, TX 

* 2005 Ronnie Coleman Classic, Figure Class B - 1st Place 
4/25/2005, Grapevine, TX

* 2003 Southwest, Figure Medium Class ? 1st Place, Overall Winner
9/27/2003, Arlington, TX 

* 2003 Greater Gulf States, Figure Class B - 2nd Place 
6/19/203, New Orleans, LA

* 2003 Lone Star Classic, Figure Class B - 3rd Place
6/6/2003, Plano, TX 

* 2003 Ronnie Coleman Classic, Figure Class B - 3rd Place
 4/23/2003, Grapevine, TX 

Fitness America Pageant (FAP) Competitor
* 2005 Ms. Bikini America, Delta Region - Overall Winner

Dawn's Web Site:
Marc David - Author, Expert, Teacher, Web Site Guru


Marc owns and operates several high-traffic bodybuilding web sites, including,, and He has written articles for some of the top fitness sites on the Internet and is also the author of "The Beginner's Guide To Bodybuilding And Fitness," an in depth step-by-step guide designed specifically for bodybuilding "newbies." When I began training for my first bodybuilding competition, was the first site I joined and Marc and I quickly became friends. 
Laura Bissonette - Figure Competitor, Barrie, Ontario


2006 IDFA Toronto Classic, Masters Figure Short - 6th
2006 OPA, Masters Figure - 5th

Laura says, "I'm really enjoying this hobby. Whether or not there's another competition in my future, for me, I'll be Pumping Iron 'til the Day I Die!" 
Michele Salimbeni - “Georgia Peach”

1 1


Michele, known on the OCB Board as "Biker Chick" is a true competitor. She is a tough warrior and at the same time, she's very sweet, like a "Georgia Peach."

2004 NPC Northern Natural 4th in Women's Open, 4th in Women's Masters
2005 NGA East Coast Natural 1st in Women's Open Heavyweight, 1st in Women's Novice
2005 OCB Battle for the Swords 3rd in Women's Masters, 5th in Women's Open
2006 OCB Southern Atlantic States 3rd in Women's Open
Lisa Peakes - Radio Personality, Athlete




Lisa works for National Public Radio in New Hampshire. She is a sportswoman and a fine athlete. Lisa's interests include weight training, yoga, art, music, dance, substance abuse recovery and broadcasting.
Ty Jones, 21- Student, Personal Trainer, Firefighter


Ty Jones is my hero. His motto is, "I Fight What People Fear...Fires." Ty competes in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, which, according to ESPN, is the "Toughest Two Minutes in Sports."
Jenni Whip



Jenni Whip at the 2006 OCB Midwest states in DeKalb IL.  2nd place Novice & 2nd place Open
Dunya Price


Dunya Price at the OCB Yorton Cup II in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
3rd place in Figure Novice and 3rd place in Figure 35+.
SUPER Stay-at-Home mom / Retired Teacher
wife to Elton (12 years), mother to Tyler (10), Brooke (8), and Dalton (5)

"Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is my BLESSING in disguise and will never stop me!"
Edward A. Bednar III 

1 1 1
2000 NABF Mid-Eastern States, 1st Place
2004 ONBF Tri-State All-Natural Bodybuilding (OH,PA,WV) 
- Novice under 170lb, 1st
- Open Lightweight, 1st & Best Poser
2004 ONBF Natural Mr. Ohio Lightweights, 1st & Best Poser 
2006 OCB Chet Yorton Cup III - 1st Place Bantamweights

Bobbi Miller - Age 19

1 1

Bobbi is training to play in the WPFL for the Toledo Reign, an all women's professional football team.

Dwayne Vessey

1 1 1

My Two "Deer" Friends

1 1 1

Dr. Maureen (Mo) Muecke stands ready to defend her Second Amendment rights (including the right to enjoy venison chili). Dr. Muecke is a proud sponsor and longtime advocate of drug-free fitness and natural bodybuilding. Maureen is a double board certified plastic surgeon who performs Smart Lipo laser body sculpting in Birmingham, Alabama. She recently put her laser sharp aim to work on an exciting hunting trip to the Nooner Ranch near Hondo, Texas. Seven days of patience and persistence eventually paid off when this massive 14 point giant finally appeared at 160 yards down a narrow cendero. This 197 Boone & Crockett monster buck (24 inches wide, 40 inches of mass) eclipsed all other women’s entries in the Open Class of the World’s Largest Deer Contest.

In an effort to keep pace, Michel Wilty, an aspiring natural bodybuilder who now lives in Birmingham, bagged a South Texas trophy of his own. Michel, a recent cancer survivor, likewise had his patience and marksmanship put to the test. After 11 consecutive hours of intense hunting and untold eyestrain (for the sixth straight day) Michel’s .338 Lapua found its mark, 200 yards away.

In an uncanny coincidence, scorers at the Los Cazadores Deer Contest in Pearsall, Texas, measured Michel’s 13 point buck at an identical Boone & Crockett 197 (25 inches wide, 38 inches of mass). Although this pair of 197 bucks may have sparked a competitive arms race for these happy hunters looking forward to the Fall of 2010, Michel insists that his deer chili always wins first prize. And after 19 years a together, “the beat goes on.” Congratulations to Mike and Mo, my two ”Deer" Friends.

Tena Cirel, 45, Natural Master Figure Competitor

Tena Cirel-front Tena Cirel-back

Tena Cirel is an awesome athlete and a friend. I was her personal trainer and coach as she prepared to compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio on March 4. Tena and I worked together for several months, training three days-a-week to get her ready. She worked very hard to build a competitive physique. Her abs, quads, calves, shoulders, back and biceps all hit their peak just before she walked out on stage. This Beautiful Lady Rocks!